Triple Straw Huggie Earrings

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Sometimes, I wake up feeling like a badass. I look in the mirror and think, "Today's the day! Today I will get multiple piercings in each ear!"

Then I remember that piercings involves needles.

So I put on my industrial vibe Triple Straws and feel like a badass who's afraid of needles instead.

Every jewelry purchase includes a hand-stamped, scented cotton or muslin cloth pouch for breathable sparkle storage. 



  •  Silver Plated Environmental Brass
  •  Width 12mm X  Height 25mm 



Want a full breakdown on how the Sparkle Scale works? Click here, Sparkler!



I like to play up the "triple earring in each ear" vibe of these by layering other jewelry with it; but I also love to wear them when I'm in a sweatshirt and sneakers. They make me look "dressed" without being overkill.