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This earring is very special to me; it encapsulates the Sparkler community we have built on my Instagram accounts, @gittyberger @thegittybergerbrand; one of eyes closed and hearts open, where we are all gloriously unique, not trying to fit into any one clean cut shape. Sparklers celebrate each other and ourselves at our core. 

This earring is irregular, jagged, dramatically sparkly and perfect in its asymmetry and raw beauty. Kind of like us.

Note the price, too. I am a proud Jewish small business owner, and the numerical value for the word life, chai, is 18. I want this piece to symbolize life in all its beauty to all who wear it. 

Sparklers celebrate life in all its beauty and heartbreak, learning and growth. I want every Sparkler, Jewish or not, regardless of who you are or where you are from, to be able to own and wear this design proudly: the style of us


  •  Zinc Alloy
  • Cubic Zirconia


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These studs are perfect for when I want to feel "fake fancy" and dressed without really getting dressed. The Sparkler Studs match everything and elevate any look, dressy or casual. They're super friendly and will pair well with any other jewelry you already have. 

Oh wait. Kind of like a Sparkler.