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You know that perfectly flawless, reflective glow you see all over social media that makes you go "How on earth are they doing that?!" It's not the chunky glittery highlighted looks, but it's not the super duper natural ones either where they look like they're barely wearing makeup. It's that extremely smooth, filtered looking finish, and when their skin catches the light - 


That's what you create inside this Mastery. You will learn how to create your own Glass Skin at home, anytime you wish, for any occasion or none at all. This look is not exclusively for evening; it's versatile and appropriate for both day and night. 

I have used these exact techniques on clients who requested all different levels of coverage (from super natural, no foundation looks to very full coverage) and the Glass Skin I was able to achieve was consistent, using this same method. 


  • How to properly apply and layer skin prep and liquid coverage products to create and customize your desired level of coverage and achieve a flawless, glowing finish
  • How to create a matte, cool, mid toned smokey eye
  • Which eye shadow brushed to use for which areas of the eye and for which eye shadows
  • Proper brush and product placement techniques
  • How to powder minimally without looking "powdery" or powdered at all
  • How to build up glow from a natural gentle sheen all the way up to an intense, glass to mirrorlike finish
  • How to gently sculpt the face without using contour
  • How to create the illusion of flawless skin
  • Gitty's soothing voice coaching you calmly and explaining each step in easy to understand terms 


  •  A full Mastery video inside your Video Vault that never expires, so you can watch it over anytime
  •  A Welcome Packet that takes you through how to prepare your beauty station using what you already have at home, to set you up for success in your beauty education and experience, and get you in the right mindset before you begin
  •  A complete "You Will Need" list of products that you may prepare, complete with some marked as optional so you are able to work with what you have on hand to create the same look (Gitty is big on TECHNIQUE > PRODUCT)
  •  A comprehensive "What I Used" list of products that Gitty used inside the Mastery, all linked for your shopping convenience


SKILL LEVEL - Intermediate, Pro

GLAM LEVEL - 3, 4 (how glam you choose to go within these levels is up to you)

EXPIRES - never

That's right! Your customized Video Vault is yours to curate to your personal preferences. Simply log in to watch your Makeup Masteries anytime, anywhere!

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