Buttercream Bar Earrings

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Oh, the Buttercream Bars. If I could marry an earring, it would be this one. It is the dream statement piece. Light as a feather, covers the earlobe (stretched out earlobes? No problem) and is so simple in it's graphic boldness that it does magical things to your jawline whether your hair is up, down, completely covered - or a bald babe. This is the jewelry version of contour, and I am LIVING for it.

Every jewelry purchase includes a hand-stamped, scented cotton or muslin cloth pouch for breathable sparkle storage. 


    •  Zinc Alloy
    •  Width 3cm X Height 7.1cm


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    This is a piece of wearable art, and I like to wear it one of two ways: either ignoring it completely or nodding to it. Let me explain:

    By ignoring it I mean throwing it on with a messy ponytail, t shirt and jeans. Moisturizer and mascara. This gives the Buttercream Bars such a fresh, modern vibe.

    When I nod to it, I like to choose one other dramatic element to create some tension in my look; that can be a strong winged liner, a bold lip, or an obnoxiously bright shoe. Either way, I'm not being too fussy with it, and therein lies the magic.