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Quietly classy, perfect alone or paired with more friends - I mean, sparkle - the BFF Dual Links are the friendliest and least annoying pair you will ever find. The best part? The second link is removable, so you get two pairs in one - I love opting for the simple huggie-like vibe of just one modern link.

Every jewelry purchase includes a hand-stamped, scented cotton or muslin cloth pouch for breathable sparkle storage. 

PLEASE NOTE: The BFF Dual Links are on preorder, so your entire order will ship once they arrive. If you wish to ship twice and get the rest of your order now, simply email and we’ll be happy to help! 



  •  100% Titanium


  • Allergy Free





    Want a full breakdown on how the Sparkle Scale works? Click here, Sparkler!




    This is my go-to for when I don't want to put in any effort but still want to feel and look put together. You don't need to stand on ceremony with these, just be yourself. Kinda like your BFF. Works with a t shirt and no makeup just as well as they do with a cute casual or preppy business look.


    Its airiness allows for perfect jewelry layering, so go ahead and pile on your other pieces if you're in the "more is more" mood!