This doesn't not feel like the first day back from spring break, when the teacher would make you write about your vacation. It always felt so awkward, writing about yourself, and every single thing you've done would suddenly fly out of your head anyway. 
No? Just me?
I'm GB. Obviously. Also known as Gitty Berger, also known as the Makeup Whisperer, also known as the MakeupLadyI'mSoSorryIForgotYourName (it's really truly fine, it always is), also known as the mother of all calm, the savior of all tantrums the day of your wedding, the one who can make the recalcitrant teen AND the overly tense mother AND the nosy aunt all happy while leaving the bride the heck alone and not getting mad at anyone. 
Oh, and they all have completely different styles, and totally love their makeup and while they swore the day would be a s%#*show of stress, it somehow wasn't.
Why not?
It is my gift, you see. 
I love people even more than I love makeup. It is my why, my reason for doing what I do.
I get it.
I get the undercurrents of tension and I get the complicated family dynamics that accompany every event and I get what's at stake every single day.
You know what else I get?
A complete and total high when a woman sees her reflection and unconsciously begins to visibly glow.
Her chin tilts up, her shoulders straighten, and she starts to pose every so slightly, a smile imperceptibly tickling the corners of her lips.
It tugs at my soul every single time. 
This is why I do what I do.
It is how I am able to make magic.