Gitty Berger leaning against a brick wall
HI HI HI! I am Gitty Berger, the makeup artist and beauty educator whose goal is to decode makeup application and product purchasing for both the everyday woman and the pro makeup artist.
I feel like this world is divided by the people who "get" makeup and the people who don't. The terms and products, the differences between them all - it either makes perfect sense or it's like WHAT ARE THEY EVEN SAYING, am I right?
I compare it to speaking a different language. No one is better than someone else just because they're fluent in that language, right? That makes LITERALLY no sense. After all, it's just a language, a form of communication that allows you to understand the nuances of different concepts.
Makeup is a language. When I teach, I demystify all that. I mean, I can't explain contour by USING the word contour, you feel me? And what if you don't even know where your cheekbones are or have zero interest or time in wearing any foundation altogether? I SEE YOU, and I know how to make this SO easy and make all the practical sense for you to be able to pick and choose what works for your vibe. Makeup is no longer a mystery.
Why is this so important to me? I see inner and outer beauty as being intrinsically connected. When you experience inner contentment, that glow of feeling at peace with yourself - all that outer beauty shines a thousand times brighter. I have done thousands of brides and wedding clients throughout my career, so trust me on this. What makes my heart come ALIVE is being able to show my clients what I see when I look at their beautiful faces, sans any makeup at all. Makeup is the picture frame, but YOU are the art. That is why I love discussing both aspects of beauty with you on my podcast, Soul Sparkle With Gitty Berger - where it's all your questions being answered.
I love to love. Applied knowledge is power, and once you have PRACTICAL information taught to you by someone who has actually worked on real women daily for close to two decades, you have those skills for life.
See you inside Makeup Mastery!