Silverware BabyStar Earrings

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Think of these as the classic stud earring's cooler older cousin from abroad. She's edgy without being try-hard, subtle but naturally stunning. She lives life to the fullest and never worries about which is her good side in selfies- she's too busy laughing and living, from the gym all the way through dinner.

I mean, I want to be her.

Every jewelry purchase includes a hand-stamped, scented cotton or muslin cloth pouch for breathable sparkle storage. 


  •  100% Stainless Steel
  •  26mm size



Want a full breakdown on how the Sparkle Scale works? Click here, Sparkler!



IGNORE THESE. Seriously. Once you put on the Silverware BabyStars, you forget you have them on anyway, they're so lightweight. Treat them like they're a part of you and wear whatever you want, and layer any and all other jewelry and metals together with this. She's a friendly one, this earring.