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Welcome to Natural Makeup Academy!

Six Weeks + 15 Classes = ONE NEW CAREER


Naturally flattering, individualized professional makeup application for long lasting bridal and event makeup. Other topics include but are not limited to marketing, ethics, the business side of makeup (pricing structure, scheduling), lighting and editing.


Classes take place at 8:00PM on an average of three nights a week in Lakewood. That’s two live and one zoom class weekly for approximately 5 weeks. Live classes generally take up to 2 hours and zoom classes generally take up to 1 hour. Classes are small- generally up to 10 students. Dates are subject (but not likely) to change:

1. October 17 Virtual

2. October 18 Live

3. October 20 Live

4. October 24 Virtual

5. October 25 Live

6. October 27 Live

7. October 31 Virtual

8. November 1 Live

9. November 7 Virtual

10. November 8 Live

11. November 10 Live

12. November 14 Virtual

13. November 15 Live

14. November 17 Live

15. November 21 Live Final


10 Live Classes

5 Zoom Classes

NMA Handbook written by Gitty Berger

Booking Contract Template

Hygiene Guidelines

Fully linked product list to build your own Pro Kit

Welcome Kit

Customized Student Assessment

Certificate of Completion

WhatsApp Chat for Team NMA & Class


Email or WhatsApp order number, full name and mailing address to

assist@gittybergerbrand.com or WhatsApp 732-660-5813.

We will then be able to ship out your Welcome Kit, send you your fully linked Kit List to begin building your pro kit, and add you to the class WhatsApp Chat as well!

Any questions? Reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

See you in class!