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Welcome to your makeup look that requires not one single brush. That's right!

Learn how to use the industry darling, the Beauty Blender and all beauty sponges, to create a universally flattering, full face routine that you will execute with effortless ease. This may end up being your favorite go-to technique... or it may become the lifesaver you reach for when all your brushes are dirty or drying. Either way, this Mastery is a staple for every Sparkler's Video Vault.

The polished, classy vibe of this look is appropriate for all ages and for both daytime and evening. Feel free to interchange colors as per your mood and outfit!


  • How choose, use, cleanse and sanitize your Blender
  • How to create a full eye look, and amp it up to a more defined/dressy eye look
  • Exactly what to do with your Blender: precise demonstration and step-by-step instructions
  • What to do with each finger and how to use them within your techniques to create your look
  • How to powder minimally without looking "powdery" or powdered at all
  • How to contour very softly and naturally
  • How to gently sculpt the face using brightening concealer instead of contour
  • How to create a reverse ombre lip; giving you that effortlessly flattering "I just had a cherry ice pop" stained effect
  • Gitty's soothing voice coaching you calmly and explaining each step in easy to understand terms 


  •  A full Mastery video inside your Video Vault that never expires, so you can watch it over anytime
  •  A Welcome Packet that takes you through how to prepare your beauty station using what you already have at home, to set you up for success in your beauty education and experience, and get you in the right mindset before you begin
  •  A complete "You Will Need" list of products that you may prepare, complete with some marked as optional so you are able to work with what you have on hand to create the same look (Gitty is big on TECHNIQUE > PRODUCT)
  •  A comprehensive "What I Used" list of products that Gitty used inside the Mastery, all linked for your shopping convenience

SKILL LEVEL - Beginner, Intermediate

GLAM LEVEL - 2, 3 (how glam you choose to go within these levels is up to you)

EXPIRES - never

That's right! Your customized Video Vault is yours to curate to your personal preferences. Simply log in to watch your Makeup Masteries anytime, anywhere!

For an in-depth breakdown of the Beauty Barometer, click here.