If you got that reference, we’re best friends. And no, this virtual experience may not be pink and scented, but it’s a helluva vibe nonetheless.

So indeed, why did I choose to create this virtual experience of my Makeup Mastery online?

Why not just keep doing what I’ve been doing up until now, teaching my makeup classes in person, and leave the virtual world to the YouTubers?

Here’s the thing. I’m a mom of four kids, who, despite my best efforts, are determined to keep growing like nonstop. It’s insane. Everyone’s starving all the time, no matter how much food I make or how many snacks I buy. Each wardrobe lasts me less than a season and bootcut jeans become capris two weeks after they enter my home.

So anyway. Said children are growing, and so is the Gitty Berger beauty community, and the demand for more classes, more locations and more availability. Which sucks because this is all coming at a time when my availability in my personal life is actually lower than it ever has been. Turns out, bigger kids don’t need you less. They just need you differently.

No one told me this before I birthed them, by the way. Can I talk to a store manager?

I knew that the time had come to take my classes global. At your convenience, in your home and on your schedule. You, me, and sweats. Nothing better.

Want to hear the best part?

When you invest in a Makeup Mastery class, it’s yours for life.

You read that right sister.

This is not a rental. No expiration date. These are yours to keep, classes you can go back to over and over, turn on and do step by step with me, pause and continue, as many times as you’d like until you feel confident.

Now, why not do this with YouTube? You obviously totally can, but the advantage that you have here is huge and multifaceted:

First of all, one of my biggest philosophies is and always has been technique > product. What this means is that unlike YouTube, which is essentially a glorified set of commercials convincing you that you literally need every product launching every ten seconds, my goal is to teach you how to use what you already have at home. Technique is priceless, because once you know what to do and how to use the products from that store that you already convinced your husband was the Tampon Store (does Sephora even sell tampons?) when he saw the totals on the credit card statement, girl – you’re golden.

I haven’t spent the past two decades at home filming videos and testing out products on one face, one age and one skin type: my own.

I’ve been out in the field, doing real women. Moms and grandmas and aunts and college kids. Women who sleep in makeup and sit in the sun too long and who don’t wash their face as often as they should, women who forget to put on moisturizer and teens who sneak wearing makeup to school and adults who break out at the most inconvenient times. Women who have no idea what these hot young YouTubers want from them because they’re all wearing a thousand filters in their Instagram pics anyway, and who can’t relate to the celebrity makeup artists who literally do the faces of the most perfect and gorgeous humans on the planet.

I have been doing real makeup, on real women. I know the struggle of saggy eyelids and sparse lashes and a thin upper lip that looks fake if you overline it. I know, because you are my client. And you are the woman I create every single video for.

This is for you. Love you.

Wash your makeup off though. But still love you.