Ever shop online for jewelry and think that if you stare at the image long enough, you could imagine the weight, how the piece would feel on your skin?

Or how the sparkle or finish of the metals actually looked in person, and if it was versatile enough to take you from the office to after-dinner drinks?

Me too.

It's as if I thought that through really intense osmosis, I could achieve feeling and touching the jewelry before I ever purchased it. 

THAT is what the Sparkle Scale is. Basically the most helpful invention ever.

On every piece of Sparkle that you click on, at the bottom of the product description, you will always see these two things:


I call this my Sparkle Scale. I will explain both sides of the scale for you below, so you can always ascertain with a quick glance if this is the kind of jewelry you're in the mood of right now:

WEIGHT LEVELS: Light Weight, Middle Weight, Heavy Weight

Light Weight

Lighter than air, you literally forget you have it on. Perfect for someone sensory as well, nothing tugging or getting caught here!

Middle Weight

Light and very comfortable but not entirely weightless. You may feel them for a second here and there after a while but not in an annoying way; more like "ooh I look cute - I didn't forget to put on my sparkle today!" kind of way.

Heavy Weight

Nothing dragging or pulling; an even weight distribution for maximum comfort while still having a substantial feel. You know you are wearing something - but you also know it's hella worth it for the level of chic you have on.


Please note: Some jewelry pieces may be appropriate in multiple settings, in which case there will be all applicable levels noted for complete and thorough disclosure.


Easy, breezy, goes with your gym clothes and doesn't look silly. Adds just the right touch of polish to your "not dressed" pajama type running around vibe. (P.S. I live for a pajama-type-running-around vibe.)


Everyday, but a bit more "dressed" - think a floral dress, a great blazer, or a silky blouse and jeans. Cute but casual, effortless but put together. 


Parties, dinner, events, weddings. Date night, anything really, as long as the sun goes down: sparkle goes UP. Things glisten and glow differently after sunset; you can elevate the simplest LBD in that perfect classy way with a Soiree-appropriate piece. 

SPARKLE SCALE READING: The Sparkle Scale above, for example, is showing a piece that is lightweight, and appropriate for Day and Play. This means you're looking at elevated with extreme comfort, can be dressed up or down, although you may not want to wear it to a wedding. Make sense?

This is going to make shopping for sparkle easier and clearer than it's ever been before, I promise.

Have fun shopping, Sparkler!