Thank GD, we are finally starting to see the end of the global pandemic in sight. And with it, spring in all its glory. The trends in beauty very much reflect our mental headspace as a society, emerging together from the life changing past year. We're seeing a turn towards more natural, sheer skin finishes, glowy, balmlike cheeks, and lots of happy eyeshadow colors. Let's go through each one:

1. SKIN: As many of us have eschewed makeup while in quarantine in favor of skincare, we are reluctant to cover it all up with heavy foundations. Enter lightweight, sheer to medium coverage products. Try Lancome's Skin Feels Good or Colourpop's Pretty Fresh Foundations.

Have a full coverage foundation at home? Try mixing it on a palette or the back of a clean hand with some of your daily moisturizer for a DIY tinted moisturizer at home.

2. CHEEKS: Pandemics are scary, and all we want right now is to look and feel healthy. Try taking your favorite bold lipstick color on the back of your index and middle finger, and dabbing it into the apples of your cheeks, even swiping some across the bridge of your nose for that sweet, sunkissed look.

3. EYES: Since mask wearing is still enforced, many are focusing on eyes over lips, either matching or colorblocking with their outfits. For maximum color payoff, skip brushes altogether and swipe color across the entire lid with your finger. Use a clean finger to gently blend out the edges and you're good to go!

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