OK SPARKLERS. This is VERY EXCITING. As much as I love talking styling my pieces with you all on @thegittybergerbrand's Instagram, I really wanted another eye on the Brunch Edit from someone whose style I personally love and admire, and I figured you would appreciate another opinion that is not mine as well. Fresh perspective and all that. 

I asked my friend Sheva Kastel to preview the edit before launch and tell me her thoughts on which pieces worked for which "seasons."

What's up with the whole season thing, you ask?

Great question, Sparkler.

Suzanne Caygill theorized this concept in 1942, so it's nothing too new: a person's coloring, energy, personal intensity and personality can be reflected in one (or more) of the four seasons. That's the elevator pitch version, and if you're interested in learning more about what suits and speaks to you naturally, it is a fascinating topic. It was important to me to make sure that my line included a well rounded offering for everyone, hence my reaching out to Sheva prior to launch for her input.

Sheva is a color analyst, stylist and personal shopper based in Florida, who works remotely with private clients as well. I find myself drawn to her for her effortlessly chic vibe and color focus: as a makeup artist, I can't not notice color, and Sheva has a way of pulling together tones that bring out your natural beauty with no makeup necessary at all. She is an artist in her own right. Here is her take on the Brunch Edit:

 Hey guys, Sheva here! So first of all, I want you to remember that this is just inspo: many of you may be able to pull off every single earring. Personal style is very personal and very often, we are pulled to the things that suit us naturally. Keep in mind that you may also be a mix of two seasons. If this brings you down the deep dark hole of who am I? Where do I belong? Why can’t I figure myself out? Why am I so complicated? Then A) I want to validate you because I’ve been there, and B) If the earring is sparking flames in your soul, and it’s not under the “season” you are, don’t sweat. This is a basic overview to give you an idea of what the concept of "seasons" is all about. You can see which set of photos may speak to you the most, that's all! Take from this what you wish and leave the rest. It's your style, after all.

 As a stylist, what also comes to play in styling is your facial features and personal intensity. For example: the smaller your facial features are, the smaller and more delicate you may want to go with your earring. And the bigger your facial features are (think bigger eyebrows, nose, lips, big bright eyes) the bigger you can go with your accessories. If you have lots of more outwardly intense personality but smaller physical facial features, you can still pull off bigger accessories. Make sense?

It’s all really personal, kind of the way you like your coffee: do what works for you, and to hell with everything else! You can quote me on that ;)

Let's do this, ladies!


Summers have a grace about them. They’re usually very in-tune to details. They tend to gravitate towards simpler styles, more minimal and chic. They look great in feminine clothing and accessories. A lot of their colors are muted.  Think of chalky looking colors, a long summer night sunset. Summer's seasonal shape is an S shape, similar to soft ruffles and beach waves.

My picks for a Summer would be:

1. The Champagne Bubbles, because of their delicate strands and feminine yet strong feel

2. The Cinnamon Sticks work for a Summer because of their subtle statement

3. The Nutella Swirls are perfect for summer girls too because they are a twist on a classic, and still maintain a softness to them.


Autumns are full of life and bring energy to the room. They are oftentimes super passionate, and usually are not shy to voice their opinions. Autumns look great in patterns and textures. Their seasonal shape is angular. A lot of them look great in asymmetrical lines and V-necks. Think of rusted colors, fall leaves, the color of cinnamon spice. Warmth.

My picks for an Autumn would be:

1. The Buttercream Bars in gold because of their texture and oversized statement

2. The Golden Bananas because of their uniqueness and pointed edge

3. Both the Silverware BabyStars and SuperStars in gold because of their asymmetrical lines

4. The BFF Dual Links because of the mixed metals

5. The Nutella Swirls because of the texture and different take on a hoop.

They’re all so good, this is crazy!


Winters are full of drama. They are queens. They need a simple dress with dramatic pops to bring out their intensity, or a dramatic dress with simple jewelry. There’s also a stillness to them. Think of the first snowfall: the serenity, the peacefulness. Yet, there’s that drama in the high contrast of white snow against dark tree barks. Winters look beautiful in deep shades; their seasonal shape is oval.

My picks for a Winter would be:

1. The Cinnamon Sticks for their simple statement

2. The Scoop Hoops because of their dramatic take on a hoop

3. The Triple Straw Huggies because of their edginess

4. The Buttercream Bars because of their oversized, bold statement

5. The Golden Bananas because of their sleek finish

6. The Hollywood Starlets for that old Hollywood look that can be classic and trendy at the same time

7. The Sparkler Studs are perfect because of their expressive elegance.


Springs are usually very creative and fun to be around. They often look great in a puff sleeve, polka dots, floral prints. The works! More is better and, well, more fun with a spring. They like to keep things light and fresh, like their personality. Spring colors are often brighter than the other colors and can lean more pastel. Spring's seasonal shape is round.

My picks for a Spring would be:

1. The Sparkler Studs because they’re so sparkly, feminine, and fun

2. The Hollywood Starlets because of their round pearls and buoyancy

3. The Blueberry Scatters because of their good vibes and lightheartedness

4. The Silverware SuperStars for their fun high energy vibes

5. The Champagne Bubbles because of their lightweight "yet I’m here, so don’t forget me" gorgeousness.

6. and 7. I also love the Nutella Swirls and Scoop Hoops for a more transitional statement.

I hope something was able to speak to you! I love sharing my color inspo and styling tips over at my Instagram page, @styledbysheva. If you have any questions regarding this blog post or about my personal packages, I'm just a DM away and would love to connect.