Neons? In spring? Groundbreaking.

Miranda Priestly's impossibly chic standards aside, come this time of year I have this gravitational pull towards electrifying color; the more saturated the better. There's nothing I can do to stop it, but if I could I probably wouldn't. Don't get it twisted, though- your girl is as picky as it gets with her rainbows. 

Let's talk neons in particular.

Here is how to wear them and what I have found works best:

For me, it's usually clashing warm and cool tones of the same color family within one look. For example - in this photo, I am wearing a matte electric coral (warm toned) top lid paired with a fuschia (cool toned) lower lash line from the same palette. Both are in the pinky orange color family, yet they clash in undertone so it works.

If I would go for blue on the bottom instead of the fuschia, for example, that's where it would get a bit clownlike for my taste. Do you see what I mean? So if I would want to play with greeny blues, I would do something like an electric blue top lid with a mint green lower lash line. Tension, but make it cool.

The next important rule I stick to is to keep the rest of the face super minimal. I didn't even bother with a lipstick here, I just slicked on some clear gloss (no glitter!) and skipped blush too. Skin was kept softly glowing and bronzed. That's it!

It's not only because you don't want any other elements to compete with the neon eye, it's also because you never want it to look like too much thought or effort went into it. The more effortless and carefree the neon looks, the better. 

The same concept applies for lips as well. I love rocking neon lips, keeping the eyes and skin as bare looking as possible.

Play around with two neons on the lips too - I love this liquid lip paired with this creamy lipstick in the center. It's actually really similar to this eye look, and since the cooler tone is closer to the teeth, it keeps them looking super white. 

One last tip - I personally prefer my neons matte, surrounded by glow. This is something I have found to be a consistent preference over years of experimentation, so I tend to keep the neon element matte (no sparkly neon eyes or glossy neon lips for me) and the rest of the face natural and glowy. Effortless and natural, with that super saturated pop. Delicious. 

If you try this using any of my tips be sure to tag me over on Instagram @gittyberger so I can like and comment on your look, you gorgeous Sparkler you!