Jest in Jewels: Why I Create My Edits

When I began offering my Sparklers tangible sparkle on the site, I knew I couldn't just put up products. No matter how much I loved them and how beautiful they were, without a genuine story, it simply wouldn't be me. Having founded, owned and then sold a jewelry and accessory store in the past, I knew my way around a retail line - and had enough mistakes under my belt to know what I wanted this time around. 

My line of product would be comprised solely of problem solving items; even "extras" had to fill a certain need for me, something I wanted but couldn't find, or help better my life in some way. 

Not only that, but they had to evoke an emotion for me. One of my most beloved emotions is nostalgia. Hence the brand tag line, new nostalgia for joy chasers. I wanted my product line to evoke nostalgia and/or joy at every turn, and be that website you go to to browse even when not particularly looking for anything because the experience was simply smile inducing. 

And that's how I came up with the concept of Edits.

Not all of my Edits will feature jewelry; they are each mini worlds unto their own delightful selves and allow me the creative freedom to group products in the way I instinctively feel they should be grouped, without having to subscribe to conventional, "in the box" retail rules. 

With each Edit, I get to tell a story. The first two were inspired by food; both Brunch and Candy are joyful culinary experiences and I wanted to tap into the guiltless pleasure of giving yourself what you truly crave in the moment, without any possible societally implemented negative associations.

If you love it and truly want it, eat it.

If you love it and truly want it, wear it!

In the most recent Edit, the Social Edit, I took some of the most popular terms and concepts in our virtual lexicons and poked fun of our world on social media in the most loving of ways. With the kind of year 2020 has been, social media has become somewhat of a minefield, and I wanted to take our power back in my own way, and bring smiles to my audience as they experienced the perfect product line at the perfect time. The Social Edit popped a bubble of tension and it was beautiful, empowering and humbling to witness.

My Edits are carefully made with both the current social climate and the ever changing wants and needs of my ideal customer in mind. I love the structure that I set up to manage the expectations of my Sparklers. You never know what's coming next, but you do know that whether it speaks to you as a customer who will purchase or not, it's an immersive, happy experience that keeps you joyfully engaged and continuously involved in the brand and its story. 

And as a brand owner, there's literally nothing more I could ask for.