Ever watch a YouTube tutorial and go, “I can so do that?”

Two hours and twelve tries of winged liner later, not to mention a string of gloriously colorful epithets, you look at your muddy-eyed reflection in the bathroom mirror and concede defeat?

The issue wasn’t that you couldn’t do the winged liner. It was that your current level of skill and the technique you were trying to learn were simply not a match.

Or picture this: you’re in bed on a lazy Sunday morning, scrolling through Instagram, throwing out hearts like Scott Disick circa 2012. You stop at a photo of the most gorgeous Australian model. She looks like she’s barely wearing any makeup at all, which doesn’t make sense because she’s at a red carpet event. You zoom in, trying to find pores, but to no avail. The vision of lusciously long lashes and glowing healthy sunkissed skin propels you out of bed and into your makeup bag…

Four pounds of foundation and forty minutes later, you kind of look possibly similar to someone who could look like her in thirty years - if you’re hungover and squint really hard. And put on sunglasses. And turn around.

The issue wasn’t that you aren’t capable of doing your makeup well. It was that you wanted to learn how to do something very natural, when the technique behind that particular look you chose was anything but.

See where I’m going with this?

As your resident Makeup Whisperer, I know what goes behind each Mastery I design for you, and who it’s ideally suited for. But I can’t expect you to know that. At least not until Elon Musk invents an app that reads minds.

On every Mastery that you click on, at the bottom of the Product Description, you will always see these two things:


I call this my Beauty Barometer. I will explain both levels for you below, so you know where you fall and are able to know exactly what kind of look you’re in the mood of learning at any given time.



The Beginner either has not worn makeup at all yet, is just starting to wear makeup, or is someone who barely bothers to wear makeup on a day to day basis. She knows where each product goes on the face, but isn’t obsessed with makeup culture and the beauty community in any way. She likes to be able to put her face together and have the skills under her belt for when she wants to use them.


The Intermediate is someone who is comfortable wearing makeup and has been doing so for some time. She knows where each product goes on the face and may enjoy makeup culture (but does not have to). She likes to experiment with and is fairly proficient in executing both an everyday and a dressier/more evening ready look on herself. She is looking to expand her repertoire of skill and technique as well as deepen her understanding of both makeup and her own capabilities of what her face can do.


The Pro can be but does not have to be a professional makeup artist. She is simply someone who loves makeup, makeup culture, the beauty community, and is experienced in the basic as well as more popular styles and techniques of application. She is comfortable with the commonly used beauty terminology spoken among the beauty community and isn’t afraid to dive into a new technique to expand her skill set. She may be known as the “makeup artist” amongst her family and friends even if she isn’t officially one, just because she knows the most and is the most “into” it from her inner circle. She wants to learn as much as she can, and incorporate it in as many ways as possible to raise her level of makeup application.


Please note: Some Masteries may fall in between two levels, in which case there will be both levels noted for complete and thorough disclosure.

1 – VERY NATURAL, soft, lightweight makeup. Does not look “makeup-ey” at all.

2 – NATURAL, soft, lightweight, but a bit more flawless and polished. Not heavy, but more flawless looking than if you were wearing nothing at all.

3 – SOFT GLAM, not intense, day or night appropriate, still natural overall but more glam than level two, which is more natural in comparison.

4 – GLAM, more “dressed” if worn during daytime or for a daytime outing or event, night appropriate, may include some color, sparkle or smoke (all of which can be altered depending on personal preference)

5 – VERY GLAM, night appropriate, full flawless sculpted finish, dramatic eyes, may include some color, sparkle or smoke (all of which can be altered depending on personal preference)

If you find yourself changing skill levels at different seasons or stages in your life, that’s completely normal. You are not committed to one particular Beauty Barometer at any point! This was simply designed to make your shopping experience as smooth, simple and magical as possible.

See you inside the Mastery!