Okay ladies now let's GET IN FORMATION.

But which formation though? And can she hide me a little? Can I be in the center? Can you put me on the left, that's my good side?


I am about to undo all that negative, self doubting, scared talk in your head and still have you honestly getting the most ON angles you've ever had for both photo and video. You just have to trust me. Do you trust me?

Wow. Between the Lohan title, the Beyoncé prologue and the Aladdin segue I don't even know what era I'm in. But what I do know is that you need to immediately forget everything you've ever thought you knew about those super high or super side angles. Wipe your memory clean a la Drew Barrymore in Fifty First Dates. They're sooo obvious, and honestly? Not even flattering. The goal is to look as effortless as possible. Easy breezy. 

The first step in doing that is to OWN YOUR CURVES - yes, even on your face! It took me a while to get used to this concept, so if you think I'm crazy, I feel you sister.

Severe side angles look like you're trying to hide something. And those super high angles? They may help hide a double chin but they also make noses look much longer, lips look smaller and really just throw the overall proportion of the face totally off. Trust Mama Sparkler, love: it's a no from me. 

So, Angle Lesson Number One: Get. Over. Your. Self.

No, seriously. The minute I did this was the minute my selfies and videos elevated to a whole new level. Why? Because I focused on the overall proportions of the image, not every molecule of skin and bone. Instead of obsessing about making myself virtually disappear (because that is what we do when we try to make any part of our faces appear smaller in a photo) I became proud, deep within myself, of taking up space. I stopped thinking micro and started thinking macro. I stopped apologizing for being and started owning my right for thriving. Do the inner work. It's icky at first but it's worth it.

Betcha didn't expect that from a selfie tips post. But I told you I would share what worked for me, and that was crucial. You can't fake self love.

Next. When you place your phone or camera at eye level, or slightly above or even below eye level, the entire perspective of the image changes. When shooting from a lower angle, yes, you will likely see a bit more jawline than you're used to seeing (you can stick out your head a bit like a chicken, and put your tongue to the roof of your mouth if you remember, which I usually don't) but it shows off your eyes, your lid space, your lips and brows in a stunningly beautiful way. It also softens you somehow.

You know how when you tilt your head down, and look up into the camera, you can get that glint-in-your-eye, almost evil kind of look when you were really going for smoldering sexy? This angle never does you dirty like that. It's always soft.

If you feel that above or to the side is what truly suits you best after you've tried this, then keep it super gradual. The best way to do this is to get the camera dead center, head on, and then angle it suuuper gently to where you want it. That way you get that natural angle, but you don't look distorted or try-hard.

You can also try following your lens slowly with your head as you move it away from dead center, so your body is what's angled and not your head. That can work wonders too. If you don't find your center you'll never really see how drastic your angles are so that part is really important. 

One last tip is to try angling your shoulders of all things. I know. So weird. Don't knock it until you've tried it! Look head on, centered to the camera, then lift one shoulder and drop the other, it'll change the entire dimension of the image. It's WILD. 

I want you to know that if you forget or disregard every single tip in this post, that's fine, just remember this one: all of this is useless bull#$% until the image in the mirror is the one you can look at and think:

Damn, she FIIIIIINE.