One of the most poignant moments at work, for me, has always been right before the bride steps out to walk down the aisle toward her glowing future. Out of everyone hovering protectively nearby, one of us always makes sure to whisper to her, "right foot first, sweetheart. Don't forget. Right foot first."

This symbolic crystalline moment, encapsulated in my memory, has flitted in and out of my mind as I spent endless hours sitting in front of this very same laptop I'm writing to you from right now. I knew, when the time came for all of this hard work to come to light, that I would want to launch properly. Right foot first toward a glowing future.

This season, with the COVID-19 pandemic spreading like wildfire, there has been an untold amount of unprecedented experiences for humanity on a global scale. Among the warriors on the front lines, I include the wives of our Hatzalah men.

While so many of us had the fortune of being able to close our doors against the Angel of Death, sulking about like a horror movie come to life, these women's husbands would rush out to help everyone in distress… or worse. Over and over and over.

Because of them, we had whom to call and rely on 24/7 like we always do, with no change in a world that had changed overnight. The Gitty Berger Brand launches both its website and its Makeup Mastery program with the Buy One Get One Inaugural Launch Initiative.

Every woman who purchases a Mastery for herself from now until the holiday begins will be sending a Hatzalah wife the same Mastery as a gift for Pesach. You do absolutely nothing; simply sit back and enjoy your investment in yourself and your makeup skills, and we take care of the rest, matching you up with a Hatzalah wife and sending her the same exact Mastery.

And while you do your glam before the Seder- blending and layering together with me- you will know that somewhere out there, in a world where windows and doors are tightly sealed shut, you have sent the sweetest, brightest hug of light and love to a sister who sends her husband out consistently for our community. 

Thank you for partnering together with me in showing our deep appreciation for the members of Hatzalah- and the warrior wives alongside them.